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Edmund Bojanowski -- A Noble Soul

Introduction :

Edmund Bojanowski was born on the 14th of November 1814 into the noble family of Grobonog of the principality of Poznan.

From a young age, Edmund nurtured a great love for Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and the Church.

Edmund was a sickly child when he was young. He was so sick once, that his mother took him to the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows at Gostyn to pray for his recovery that took place miraculously.

Proof of His Cure is evident in that Marian Shrine.

Since, He was a sickly child, He was taught at home. He often meditated on the Gospels where he got an insight into the Personality and Spirituality of Jesus. His attendance at Daily Mass was 100 %.

Later, when he was older he helped country folks to live their spiritual lives intensely for Jesus and Mary.

Founder of a Religious Order of Women :

In 1850, He founded an Institute to instruct and educate children in the faith and in life.

With this purpose in mind, he asked for the help of simple polish catholic girls who were not very literate but rich in the faith.

He saw to it that they were adequately trained for the project in hand.

He taught these peasant girls about daily prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, and making a weekly confession.

In order, to spread education in the countryside, care, and helping the sick Edmund used up a large amount of his Inheritance.

He was indeed to the nth degree a Genuine Catholic giving everything to Jesus and to others.

Edmund's Life ended on August 17, 1871 near the Marian Shrine of Gorka Duchowna.

The Congregation He founded numbered 22 Houses in the Poznan District and almost a 100 Sisters.

Credits and References :

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Edmund Bojanowski
By Paolo Risso
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