Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Readings from the Book of Isaiah

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,


During the Year 2016 that is left with us and specially during the Year 2017 -- I will be promoting reading Chapters and Verses from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

I strongly feel that Catholics living in Metro Cities in India are not accustomed to reading the Books of the Old Testament specifically the "Prophetic Books" of which the Book of Isaiah is One.

Hearing it in Church is one thing, but actually engaging oneself in a deep rooted reading of it is something else all together.

Important :

For Today, I would like Readers of My Blog to read Isaiah Chapter 9 Verses 6-7.

These Verses relate to the Birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The Prophet Isaiah who lived 1000 Years before the coming of Christ correctly predicts His Birth and the names conferred on Christ after his Birth in the Manger.

Names such as Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace are conferred on Christ by the Prophet Isaiah.


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