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Saint Paul, A Unique Apostle in more ways than one

Feast Of the Conversion of Saint Paul January 25, 2016

Introduction :

Saint Paul, in my humble opinion was truly "An Apostle to all Men".

Approaching Damascus, from Jerusalem about 3 years after Christ's Crucifixion, Saul a Young Jew from Tarsus was thrown to earth by the tremendous impact of a vision.

"Saul, Saul, The Voice of Jesus Christ called out to him.

"Why persecutest  thou Me ??

A Miraculous Conversion :

Blinded and in a state of shock, the young man was led by the hand into the city. Not for 3 days, did he regain his faculties and when he did he was a newborn creature -- "The Chosen Vessel" of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus, by a violent spiritual upheaval, one of the greatest human figures in the History of Christianity became a believer.

Soon, he would drop his Hebrew name for the Latin -- hence more universal Paul.

As, the Apostle to the Gentiles, he was to spend his life crisscrossing the Mediterranean World, preaching the Gospel. Founding new "Christian Centres" almost everywhere he went, he transformed Christianity from a small "Hebrew Sect" into a "Worldwide Global Religion".

Conclusion :

Saint Paul as a by-product hammered out in "Sermons and Epistles" -- A System of Ideas which to this day is the foundation of all "Christian Teaching". His Epistles/Letters are truly a Blueprint of Catholic Christian Ideology.

Credits and References :

Saint Paul -- Apostle to all Men
By Ernest O. Hauser
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Fifty who made a Difference
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Note : Please read an amazing article on Saint Paul.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Articles for the Months of February, March, and April 2016

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Greetings again.

For the Months of February, March, and April 2016 I will be posting the following articles.

1) Lent 2016-- Lenten Spirituality.

2) A Unique Perspective on the Blessed Mother during Lent.

3) Origen on Prayer.

4) Saint Joseph, A Guardian to Jesus Christ.

5) Easter Sunday 2016 -- Resurrection Joy.

6) Divine Mercy Sunday 2016 -- A Perspective on the Blessed Sacrament.

 Note : Divine Mercy Sunday 2016 -- A Perspective on the Blessed Sacrament will be my last blog-post. This Blog will remain online forever.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Second Article for January 2016

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Greetings again.

In the Month of January 2016, I will be posting an article for the Feast Day of the Conversion of Saint Paul which is celebrated on the 25th of January 2016.

The article is called "Saint Paul, A Unique Apostle in more ways than one".


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Why Young People don't come to Church Today

Introduction :

Youth who come to Church regularly are a minority; it just isn't "COOL" to go to Church. But that's okay; because if we went to Church to be "IN" we would be going for the wrong reason.

Church is a place to worship, and a place of worship. When I was a "Young Person" I was told that the Church was the "House of God". It seemed to me that this was a positive approach because I realized that I had to touch basis with God, and what better place to do so than at "His House".

Centre of the Catholic Faith :

I'd be pretty insulted if I invited a group of friends to my house for a party, but they were so busy talking to each other that they forgot to talk to me.

Likewise, the Community can't forget that they have come to the celebration to pay tribute to the "HOST", JESUS CHRIST IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT.

The "EUCHARIST" is Central or at least it should be. It is the ALL- Important reason for coming to Church. We can actually meet Jesus Christ on such a level that we can take "HIM" deep within us.

What a profound delight !!

Unfortunately, many of our Youth do not realize the impact and the privilege it is to receive the "REAL PRESENCE OF CHRIST IN THE EUCHARIST".

We must instill in our Youth a desire to "hear with their ears, see with their eyes and be converted".  (Mark 8:18)

It is imperative that each and every baptised Catholic Christian acknowledge their sin, and recognize their need for a Saviour. We must repent, accept Jesus Christ into our Hearts, and be converted !!

A Big step in this conversion is to speak it out. Romans 10:9 says : "If your lips confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and if you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you will be saved".

It is then that the full power and grace of the "SACRAMENTS" is truly released. When our Youth really come to know God in this way; we won't be able to keep them away from Church !!

Importance of the Sacrifice of the Mass :

Young People cannot slide into heaven on their parent's coat -tails. They need to develop a right relationship with God.

Scripture warns us that :

"Every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are proclaiming his death, and so anyone who eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will be behaving unworthily towards the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ".

It is the responsibility, therefore of each individual attending Mass and receiving the "Holy Eucharist" to be in an attitude of reverence and respect for Our Lord.

Holy Mass is first a sacrifice and secondly a celebration. We would have nothing to celebrate if Jesus Christ had not been brutally scourged and crucified and left to die for our sins.

We cannot save ourselves. Jesus Christ said : "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me".

Many Youth do not attend Church because they have not been convinced of this overwhelming fact. They do not comprehend the profound victory the Mass brings us.

They need to be told, just as the Jews were told, "I tell you most solemnly if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you will not have life in you". ( John 6 :53)

If we are distracted and dreaming at Mass, we must not go forward to Holy Communion just to break the monotony; or go with the flow.

If we are bored it is because we fail to enter into full communion with Jesus Christ- not because the Mass is Boring !!

We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the "Spiritual Truths" to our Youth, so that they will be set free from the world.

The All - Encompassing Personality of God:

All too often we have introduced our Youth to a good - fairy God. A God of  Love and only Love. No matter what we do, he will continue to love us. This is a half- truth.

God is also a God of Wrath - a God who gives his children commandments and expects them to live by them. He is a God who loves us enough to chastise us when we are out of line.

We wonder why many of our youth are not spiritually tuned in, But the Bible tells us that "Fear of the Lord" is the beginning of Wisdom (Psalm 111:10) and we have failed to introduce them to the fearsome side of God's Personality; we have only given them half a God but it is not enough.

Conclusion :

When we are self-reliant in control, we see no need for God. Our Youth are encouraged to do their own thing, look out for Number 1, believe in yourself.

All good things if indulged in minute degrees; but when self gratification becomes a lifestyle, there is no room left for God.

We all want "Eternal Life", and eternal life is this : "to know you, the only True God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent". (John 17:3).

Let's introduce our Youth to Jesus Christ -- Who is the Divine Mercy Incarnate and who is present day and night in the Holy Eucharist Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity and when they really come to "KNOW HIM", they will long to attend Church.

Credits and References :

Why Johnny doesn't go to Church By Ursula C. Van Oosten
Pages 8-10
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
August 2010, Volume - 12, N0 - 4

Note : I have just one message for Catholic Youth today who live in Metro Cities in Western Europe, North America, or in any other part of the world.


The Blessed Sacrament is a "Precious Treasure" of the Catholic Church. It is your precious treasure and my precious treasure.

In this precious treasure, Christ continuously gives, and gives, and gives, and gives of himself.


Let us never forget that. Let us never desert "CHRIST IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT" for the seductive pleasures of the world.


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