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Readings from the Book of Isaiah

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,


During the Year 2016 that is left with us and specially during the Year 2017 -- I will be promoting reading Chapters and Verses from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

I strongly feel that Catholics living in Metro Cities in India are not accustomed to reading the Books of the Old Testament specifically the "Prophetic Books" of which the Book of Isaiah is One.

Hearing it in Church is one thing, but actually engaging oneself in a deep rooted reading of it is something else all together.

Important :

For Today, I would like Readers of My Blog to read Isaiah Chapter 9 Verses 6-7.

These Verses relate to the Birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The Prophet Isaiah who lived 1000 Years before the coming of Christ correctly predicts His Birth and the names conferred on Christ after his Birth in the Manger.

Names such as Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace are conferred on Christ by the Prophet Isaiah.


Friday, 25 November 2016

A Change of Mind

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

I have changed my mind.

I have decided not to delete this Blog Period.

I want it to be online forever as I have taken a lot of trouble to set it up from 2013 till now.

I have taken a lot of trouble to draft and type a variety of articles pertaining to Traditional Catholicism and with regard to Known and Unknown Catholic Personalities.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Feast of Saint Joseph 2018 -- A Month of March in His Honour

In a Day, when the role of Men in the Catholic Church and in the Family is often obscured and under attack, the Fatherhood of Saint Joseph shines forth brilliantly.

The Catholic Church is now unveiling the virtues of this "Just Man" whose love for Jesus Christ and Mother Mary in a true marriage was inflamed by the Holy Spirit in a unique way and to a degree of holiness surpassed only by the Mother of God.

Saint Joseph, was called by God to serve the Person and Mission of Jesus Christ directly through the exercise of His Fatherhood.

His Fatherhood is expressed concretely in His having made His Life a service, a sacrifice to the mystery of the Incarnation and to the redemptive mission connected with it.

In having used, the Legal Authority which was His over the Holy Family in order to make a total gift of self, of His Life and work; in having turned his human vocation to domestic love into a superhuman oblation of self, an oblation of His Heart and all His abilities into Love placed at the service of the Messiah growing up in His House.

Credits and References :

The Mary Book
Mother of Evangelism
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Maria Dufour -- Apostle of the Tabernacle

Introduction :

Maria Dufour was born at the end of the 19th Century on September 23, 1895 in a very devout Catholic Christian Family in Genoa, Italy.

As, A Teenager she vowed to live a life of complete virginity perpetually.

She was fascinated with the Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and she never missed receiving Holy Communion at whatever the cost.

Her Spiritual Director gave her many ideas about living a sanctimonious life and Maria scaled many mountains spiritually attracted only by the presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

She visited Lourdes, and developed a love for Mother Mary and never stopped saying the "Rosary" daily.

Conclusion :

She was extremely happy to witness the triumph and adoration offered by the Universe to Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist at the Eucharistic Congress held in Rome in 1922.

These were the final months of her earthly life. She dedicated them to teaching Catechism and preparing the Youth to receive their First Holy Communion and make their First Confession.

She used the text of the "Glorious Catechism" of Saint Pius -- The Tenth that was clear and precise.

It was at this time that the terrible sickness of meningitis took over.

Maria suffered with Jesus Christ, her terrible illness and all the pain associated with it.

When Maria received Jesus Christ for the last time she was serene and joyful.

She passed away in Genoa on the 4th of April 1923. She was only 27 years old.

To those, who visited her she had simple words of advice.

Receive Holy Communion everyday in a state of grace and love Mother Mary and make her loved all over the world.

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2. Passion for the Bread of Life -- Part 2
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Joseph Kowalski 1911 - 1942 Prince Among Martyrs

Joseph Kowalski was born at Siedliska near Rzeszow in Poland on the 13th of March 1911 to Wojciech and Zofia Borowice, the seventh of nine children.

His Parents were practicing catholics who were Farmers and owners of a modest farm.

After his primary schooling, he entered the Salesian College at Oswiecim also known later as Auschwitz. He immediately distinguished himself for his commitment to study and service and for his cheerfulness.

He joined the Immaculate Conception Sodality and the Missionary Association becoming its President.

He said, I must become a "Holy Salesian" like my Father Don Bosco was.

He made his first profession in 1928 at Czerwinsk and was ordained a Priest on the 29th of May 1938 at Krakow.

On the 23rd of May 1941, The Gestapo captured Father Kowalski along with 11 other Salesians working in Krakow among the youth.

It was precisely this zealous priestly activity among youngsters that enraged the Nazis and motivated them to arrest him.

He was provisionally held in Krakow at Monte - Lupi and after a month he was transferred to Oswiecim.

In the Concentration Camp, he took up  a thriving apostolate. He heard Confessions, Celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, said the Rosary, and gave clandestine conferences about Don Bosco to his fellow prisoners strengthening them with the will to struggle for survival.

He underwent terrible suffering and humiliation at the hands of the Nazis.

From a careful reconstruction of the event, it has been shown that he was martyred in the night between the 3rd and 4th of July 1942.

He was drowned in the sewer of the camp. His Body was at first thrown into a refuse dump, then it was burned in the camp's crematorium.

His countrymen began to venerate his memory maintaining that his sacrifice made vocations in Poland more fruitful.

Pope Saint John Paul -- 2 became personally interested in the cause of various Polish Martyrs.

Joseph Kowalski was beatified by Pope Saint John Paul -- 2 in Warsaw on the 13th of June 1999.

His Memory is kept on  May 29.

Credits and References :

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The Sacred Heart

True Devotion to the Sacred Heart is not devotion to either a statue or a picture but rather devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament is the Sacred Heart of Jesus living and dwelling in our midst and calling out to each of us to come to Him.

The Message of the Sacred Heart is that the Holy Eucharist is not a thing, but a Person, the Person of Our Loving Saviour whose Divine Heart is on Fire with a deep personal love for each of us in the Blessed Sacrament.

You console the Heart of Jesus Christ when you trust him enough to cast all your anxiety upon Him who cares for you, for He is your "Best Friend".

In Jesus Christ, we find a Saviour who is all powerful. No matter how bad things seem to be, He alone can make them right.

And what is more beautiful still, He is ready to do so, with a Heart burning with a desire to draw good out of every evil.

Think of all that Our Lord did from His Incarnation and Birth in the Manger to His Crucifixion on the Cross as one perpetual act of "Personal Love" for You.

He loves you as if you were the only person in the world. He created you out of love, redeemed you in love, and His Heart is now on fire with love for you in the Blessed Sacrament.

Credits and References :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
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Every Moment that we spend in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament will leave our soul everlastingly more glorious and beautiful in Heaven; because the Blessed Sacrament is Jesus Christ Our Risen Saviour with all the glory and beauty of His Resurrection flowing out on those who come into His Eucharistic Presence.

Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is the easiest person in the world to be with.

For just as You cannot be exposed to the Sun, without receiving its vivifying rays so too you cannot be exposed to the Son of God present in the Blessed Sacrament without receiving His Divine Rays of enriching Graces, Mercy, Love, Life, and Peace.

Jesus Christ hides his Beauty and Glory in the Blessed Sacrament so that He may bathe your Soul with His everlasting Beauty and Glory each moment you spend with Him in this Sacrament of Infinite Love.

In the Blessed Sacrament, ---- For Your Sake, He made himself poor, though He was rich so that you might become rich by His Poverty.

Credits and References :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
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Jan Swierc 1877-1941 ---- A Martyr Par Excellence

Jan Swierc was born at Krolewska Huta in Upper Silesia on the 29th of April 1877.

Thanks to the well known Salesian Institute at Valsalice he came to Italy for his secondary studies.

In Turin, He took up his philosophical and theological studies. On the 6th of June 1903, He was ordained a Priest in Turin by Cardinal Richelmy.

Back in Poland, He began his activity teaching with much diligence and care proving his virtue as an excellent Salesian.

He was the first Rector at Oswiecim, and then in numerous Salesian Houses all across Poland. He was specially well known for his prudence. The most difficult and delicate matters were handled by him.

On the 23rd of May 1941, He was arrested by the Gestapo while He was a Parish Priest in Krakow and taken to several prisons in and around Krakow.

He was finally taken to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. On the 27th of June 1941, Father Jan was cruelly tortured and killed by a Nazi Soldier simply because he was a Priest and because he would not cease calling on the name of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

He was 64 years old, 42 years a Salesian and 38 years as a Priest.

It can be said that he left a reputation for holiness of life, quite separate from his Martyrdom.

Credits and References :

Jan Swierc
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Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive Honor and Glory and Praise

The Lamb is Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. He is the Paschal and Sacrificial Lamb slain for our Salvation.

Adoration is Thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for the immense gift of Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist.

If you ever doubt, how much Jesus Christ loves you, All you have to do is think of this.

Good Friday follows Holy Thursday; because Good Friday was the price that Jesus Christ paid to institute the Eucharist on Holy Thursday Night.

Jesus Christ gave up his Body on the Cross that he might give you His Body in Holy Communion so that you might be one with him forever in everlasting glory.

He shed his very last drop of Blood on the Cross, so that he might fill you with his love in the Holy Eucharist.

He died a terrible death on the Cross, so that we might live in the joy of his "Divine Life" in this most Blessed Sacrament.

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.

Worthy is Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament to receive our unceasing, Perpetual Adoration for all he has done for our Salvation !!

Credits and References :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
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List of Articles for 2018

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Here is the list of articles for 2018.

1) Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive Honor and Glory and Praise.

2)  Jan Swierc 1877-1941.

3) Moments.

4) The Sacred Heart.

5) Joseph Kowalski 1911-1942.

6)  Maria Dufour -- Apostle of the Tabernacle.

7)  Feast of Saint Joseph -- A Month of March in His Honour.

The Shepherds and the 3 Wise Men Christmas 2017

Consider the Humble Sacrifice that the Shepherds and the 3 Wise Men made in their long journey to adore the Christ Child.

Only the Humble Shepherds and the Wise Astrologers followed the Star to Bethlehem.

He was the King of Kings much greater than they were. No Journey was too long because any trouble they had was infinitely worth the sacrifice.

When they saw, the Christ Child, they bowed down before him. Where was Everybody ?? Who could understand then that the Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes was the Hidden Incarnate Word of God -- The Man God made of Real Flesh and Real Blood.

He came quietly and lovingly. Only the Humble and the Wise could see the Humble Jesus Christ lying in a Manger.

The Rest of the World was extremely indifferent about the Birth of Jesus Christ amidst humble surroundings.

Look at how God has never stopped honouring the Shepherds and the 3 Wise Men for honouring His Son in Bethlehem.

The Humble Sacrifice of their long journey is praised in Sacred Scripture.

In the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Christ comes to us even more humbly than He did before. His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist is an "Awesome Wonder".

Let us never forsake Jesus Christ specially on Christmas Day.

Credits and References :

The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
Worthy is the Lamb
by Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
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Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows September 15 2017

Introduction :

Our Lady was subject to pain and suffering throughout her life. Yes, certainly she was without sin but she was human like the rest of us and was not protected from painful human emotions.

Think for instance of the three days she spends looking for Jesus Christ and the disappointment which she expresses when she discovers that he had not told her that he would remain in the temple. This one incident reminds us that Jesus Christ also grew in independence -- his teenage years were beginning.

As Julian of Norwich points out : it was not in fun that Christ died for us -- it certainly was not !!  The inexpressible pain and suffering of the Mother who walked with her Son towards the Hill of Calvary is best represented in Michelangelo's beautiful "Pieta".

The journey has come to an end, every humiliation and blow has pierced her heart to the very core ---- the "Sword of Sorrow" has come to fulfilment !!

Why I ask, did somebody so good and so holy have to suffer so much ?? The answer of course was for love. Christ suffered most because he loved most. His most perfect disciple, Our Lady who loved him more than anyone else willingly took on his suffering.

The model of "Our Lady of Sorrows", as represented in the "Pieta" head bowed in anguish, her body almost as lifeless as that of her dead son Jesus Christ is the model of hope and comfort for all those who suffer in this world.

Those who despair daily; the innocent victims of war-ravaged countries; the emaciated bodies in famine stricken countries; those who suffer mental torture; all those who suffer from the lack of love in our society.

Conclusion :

All can come and find solace and love in the embrace of this courageous and lovely lady. Her compassionate heart gives hope to all of us. She knows, she understands, for she is "Our Lady of Sorrows".

Credits and References :

The Heart that gives by Pat O'Leary
Pages 18-19
Don Bosco's Madonna Mumbai
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Vol-9, N0-5


Feast of the Queenship of Mother Mary 22nd August 2017

Introduction :

The small and simple young girl of Nazareth became Queen of the World. We contemplate the Mother of Christ crowned by her Son, in other words associated with his universal kingship as she is portrayed in numerous mosaics and paintings.

This is one of the marvels that reveals "God's Heart". Of course, Mary's Queenship is totally relative to Christ's Kingship. He is the Lord whom after the humiliation of death on the Cross -- the Father exalted above any other creature in Heaven and on earth and under the earth. (Phillipians 2:9-11).

Through a design of grace, the Immaculate Mother was fully associated with the mystery of the Son : in his Incarnation; in his earthly life, at first hidden at Nazareth and then manifested in the messianic ministry; in his Passion and Death and finally in the glory of his Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven.

The Mother did not only share the human aspects of this mystery with the Son. She also shared, through the work of the Holy Spirit within her, his profound intention, the divine will, so that the whole of her poor and lowly life was exalted, transformed, and glorified passing through the "Narrow Door" which is Jesus Christ himself. (Luke 13:24).

Yes, Mother Mary was the first person to take the "Way" to enter the Kingdom of God that Christ opened, a way that is accessible to the humble, to all who trust in the word of God and endeavour to put it into practice.

Conclusion :

In the History of the Cities and Peoples evangelized by the Christian Message there are many testimonies of public veneration -- in some cases even institutional of the Queenship of the Blessed Mother.

Today, however let us as children of the Catholic Church above all renew our devotion to the One whom Jesus Christ bequeathed to us as Mother and Queen.

Credits and References :

A World of Brothers and Sisters by Emeritus Pope Benedict 16
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Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
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Becoming An Apostle of Divine Mercy

Apostles of Divine Mercy :

What is an Apostle of Divine Mercy ??

APOSTLE -- is derived from the Greek meaning one who is sent or MESSENGER.

OF DIVINE -- meaning of course of God.

MERCY -- or misericordia  in Latin which is made up of 3 smaller words.

MISERIS -- miserable.

COR -- heart or love.

DARE -- to give.

So, an Apostle of Divine Mercy is one who brings the message of God's Love to the miserable. For, no one that is aware of God's existence and love could ever be miserable. Unfortunately, the world is full of miserable people.

The Message of Merciful Love :

Formerly, in the Old Testament the Holy Spirit spoke through the Prophets, today he speaks continuously. Jesus Christ to the Mystic Carmela Carabelli, Milan, May 1968.

The Messages are in the words of "Jesus" himself in the form of conversations with Mamma Carmela profound words of wisdom, words of counsel, and tremendous comfort and answers to questions we never ask because we don't know who to ask.

"I ask your help, as a beggar asks alms, will you help me ?? Jesus Christ Milan, 1969".

Jesus Christ asks for New Apostles :

My beloved daughter, I wish you to find new apostles to make a wide distribution of my message. I want to enter into each family to convert the hardest hearts. Take my Image to Hospitals, Hospices, Schools, Homes, and to the ends of the earth if you can.

Speak now to the whole world of my message of "Merciful Love". I will help you find new apostles. They will be my new elect and the beloved ones of my Heart and they will have a special place therein.

I will bless their families and I will deputise for them in directing their affairs if they give time to me. I will carry out in full that which I have told you in the Gospel. To him who seeks first the Kingdom of God and His Justice all the rest will be given in abundance.

And I say to you : " To anyone who propagates confidence and love towards my Mercy, I will give a hundred fold in this life and the next."

From the message of Merciful Love, Milan 27th April 1969.

History behind the message of Merciful Love :

The Message of Merciful Love, was received by Carmela Carabelli during a period which lasted some ten years from 1968 to 1978. It began in the Year that Rome had at last accepted new information on the "Revelations to the servant of God" Sister Helena Faustina  Kowalska and issued the first of two Decrees by which the Process of Beatification was formally opened on her behalf. The date was 31st January 1968. This was thirty years after the death of Sister Faustina.

In this same year in the north of Italy in the City of Milan, a widow with a large family who had given her whole life to works of mercy and charity in her city was praying one evening when she heard a voice, it said "You will be another witness to my Divine Mercy, I will bless you and give you special graces.

I ask your help as a beggar asks alms, Will you help me ?? I want you to find new Apostles, and once again spread my message of "Merciful Love" to the ends of this Earth."

Mankind keeps losing sight of the meaning of life. On the 12th of April 1969, the eve of Low Sunday, Jesus Christ spoke to her of the Feast of Mercy "a day of great forgiveness and reconciliation".

On the 22nd of March 1970, Sister Faustina herself gave a message to Carmela and her Prayer Group. (The Mother of Divine Love Prayer Group), she said it is not the first time that I come among you but it is the first time that I wish to speak, I am Sister Faustina and I ask you to make with particular devotion the Novena of Divine Mercy, so that all Men will begin to believe in the mystery of salvation, which is contained in the Devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Credits and References :

Divine Mercy Publications
P.O. Box 2005
Dublin 13, Ireland

Apostles Prayer :

Merciful Jesus Christ, We believe in thee and we trust in thee. Come to the aid of our weakness and our incapacity. Grant that we may be able to make thee known and loved by all men, and that confident in the immensity of thy love we may be able to combat the evil which is in us and in all the world, for thy Glory and our salvation Amen.

Nihil Obstat

Pietro Santoro

Bishop of Termoli

This beautiful prayer was inspired by Jesus Christ himself to Mamma Carmela on 22nd of April 1969 in Milan.

Easter 2017 -- The Resurrection

Introduction :

It was barely dawn on the third day after the burial of Jesus Christ and he rose. No stone could keep him in the tomb. History was changed forever because of this.

Mary, His Mother kept watch through the long hours of that sorrowful Sabbath. Jesus Christ loved his Mother so much ........ tradition has it that he visited her before any other human eye would see him.

There must have been very few words spoken. There was an unspeakable joy when love knew no bounds. Mary suffered with her son and now she shares his joy.

When the Women, came in the morning they were puzzled finding the tomb open. The Angel simply said "Do not be Afraid". I know you have come to see Jesus of Nazareth. He is not here, he has risen !!

Poor Mary of Magdala stood outside the empty tomb ..... but when Jesus Christ called out to her, her joy knew no bounds. She ran and told his friends ........ He has risen and I have seen him.

The Apostles, paralyzed with fear and overcome by sadness were huddled together in the upper room. Suddenly they found Jesus Christ in their midst : "Peace be with You" He said "It is I. Do not be afraid".

See a Spirit has no flesh and bones like I have.

They still could not believe their eyes so to convince them ...... he decided to eat some grilled fish with honey. looking around, he said : "Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, are forgiven".

Thomas, one of the Apostles was not with them when Jesus Christ visited the Apostles. He was adamant and wanted to put his fingers into the wounds of Christ.

Christ visited again, after some time and said to Thomas ...... "See my hands and my feet ....." Thomas could only say : My Lord and My God !!

Towards morning, Jesus Christ visited the Apostles again and they had caught a large quantity of fish during the night. So, when they saw him they knew it was the Lord Jesus Christ. He immediately called them ashore and had breakfast with them which consisted of baked fish and baked bread.

Conclusion :

Jesus Christ was seen quite a few times after the resurrection but today he is alive among his successors; namely the Vicar of Christ and the Bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

He promised to be with his apostles and he continuously keeps this promise down the centuries through his "Real Presence" in the Holy Eucharist where he remains with us Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity 24-7-365.

He is truly "The Good Shepherd" in the Blessed Sacrament in more ways than one.

Credits and References :

The Most Holy Rosary
The Glorious Mysteries
Pages 1-6
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The Salesians of Don Bosco
Rev, Fr. Edwin D'Souza S.D.B.


Good Friday 2017

The Cross and Suffering

Introduction :

Saints who understood and realized the mystery of suffering, embraced the cross with love and joy.

They not only accepted suffering willingly and bore it patiently but rather clamoured for more.

Saint Paul, who suffered much during his missionary journeys, exclaimed "Far be it for me to glory except in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ in which is Salvation, Life, and Resurrection".

The celebration of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ during Lent and specially during "Holy Week" invites us to reflect and to understand the "Mystery of the Cross".

We are called upon to unite our pain and suffering with the "Suffering Messiah" and offer ourselves unreservedly to the Eternal Father.

That is what, we are expected to do at every mass which is a "Memorial of the Sacrifice of Calvary".

What does a Memorial of the Sacrifice of Calvary Mean ??

It is not a mere remembrance or a representation of Calvary. Rather it is a "'Re--Presentation of Calvary".

The Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary and the Sacrifice of the Mass is "One Single Sacrifice". The Victim is one and the same : The same Christ now offers the Sacrifice of the Cross through the ministry of Priests; only the manner of offering is different".

"In His Divine Sacrifice, which is celebrated in Holy Mass, the same Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross is contained and is offered in an unbloody manner".

( Catechism of the Catholic Church N0 -- 1367)

To understand a little more of this sacrifice mysteriously made present, we must realize that the Sacrifice of Calvary is the "One Single Sacrifice".

There are not many sacrifices.

The Sacrifice of Calvary offered two thousand years ago and the sacrifices of Mass offered in our churches yesterday, today, and tomorrow; Masses offered all over the world are numerically one and the same "Sacrifice of Calvary".

Conclusion :

The Bread and Wine are "Symbols" of our offering. The tiny drop of water mixed with wine does not remain separate, but it mingles itself and becomes one with the Wine.

So, Our Sacrifice though insignificant becomes one with the "Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and has an infinite value".

Let us contemplate the "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" by standing with Mary at the Foot of the Cross.

Credits and References :

"The Mystery of the Cross"
By Father Edward D'souza S.D.B.
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April 2007, Vol -8, N0- 12
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

86th Anniversary of the appearance of Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina February 22, 2017

Introduction :

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about Divine Mercy !!  Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunamis, Global Warming, Earthquakes, and Fires.

Hardly an article can be written about any of these events without the thought of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Today, marks a significant date for all mankind.

86 years ago on February 22nd 1931 Jesus Christ appeared to Saint Faustina as "The Divine Mercy" with a special mission for her. He told her to paint an image as she witnessed him with two rays of light streaming from his heart, one red and the other pale like water and to sign it "Jesus, I trust in You".

Jesus Christ spent the next seven years speaking to her about his mercy and asked her to record his words in a diary, which she aptly named "Divine Mercy in my Soul". He made known to her that it was her job to prepare the world for his final coming.

Saint Pope John Paul the Great, by Divine Providence was immersed in the message of Divine Mercy at an early age and commented that it was "His Job given to him by God to bring this message to the world".

He later said "I give thanks to Divine Providence that I have been enabled to fulfil the will of the Merciful Christ by instituting the Feast of Divine Mercy". ( This was said on a visit to Poland in the 21st Century.)

Saint Pope John Paul the Great is also known as the "Divine Mercy Pope" simply because of what he did to promote the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion all over the world from 1985 - 2005.

Pope John Paul the Great lifted the ban on dissemination of the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion in 1978/1979. 14-15 years later, precisely in 1993 he beatified Sister Faustina and in the year 2000 he canonized her. He was a pioneer as far as promotion of the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion is concerned.

The Divine Mercy Diary has more than 14 entries where Jesus Christ had requested that a Feast of Mercy be established in the church as a "Last Hope of Salvation".

Saint Pope John Paul the Great established the Feast as Divine Mercy Sunday during the canonization in Rome of Saint Faustina in the Jubilee Year 2000 as the First Saint in the new millennium !!

Saint Pope John Paul the Great personally championed the cause of the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion for 20 long years.

Jesus Christ told Saint Faustina that "From Poland will come forth a spark that will prepare the world for my final coming" ( Diary 1732). No doubt, this was Pope John Paul who not only established the Feast requested by Jesus Christ, but issued an "unprecedented special plenary indulgence and specified; as the duties of priests, the proclamation of that plenary indulgence to all humanity".

If this wasn't proof enough of God's Providence in the matter, Our Beloved Pope Saint John Paul the Great passed into heaven on the "Vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday" after celebrating that feast and participating in the requirements of obtaining the plenary indulgence !!

The Image of the Divine Mercy is central to the entire message of Divine Mercy and has a special importance by being displayed in churches, specially on the Feast of Divine Mercy.

Jesus Christ related several times the importance of the image on the feast. He said "I desire that there be a Feast of Mercy. I want this image, which you will paint with a brush, to be solemnly blessed on the First Sunday after Easter; that Sunday is to be the Feast of Mercy". ( Diary 49)

One day Saint Faustina said to Our Lord "They tell me that there is already such a feast and so why should I talk about it ??".

Jesus Christ answered "And who knows anything about this feast ?? No one !! Even those who should be proclaiming my mercy and teaching people about it often do not know about it themselves.

That is why I want the Image to be solemnly blessed on the First Sunday after Easter, and want it to be venerated  "Publicly" so that every soul may know about it". ( Diary 340).

Conclusion :

Catholic Churches throughout the world that have permanently installed "Divine Mercy Images" are benefiting greatly. Jesus Christ surely knew what he was doing when he gave us this image. It is exactly what mankind will need to maintain its hope in the years ahead with natural disasters that are inevitable.

If it is true that a picture has a thousand words or more, then this one has untold millions.

Jesus Christ said "The two rays denote Blood and Water, The pale ray stands for water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the life of souls.

These two rays issued forth from the very depths of my tender mercy when my agonized heart was opened by a lance on the cross. Happy is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him" ( Diary 299).

Credits :

Robert R. Allard
Apostles of Divine Mercy


Please Bear With Me

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Please bear with me as I post articles one after another for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

I am doing this because certain groups have asked me unofficially to shut down my Catholic Blog in the near future.

So, what I am trying to say is this that please don't be surprised if this Catholic Blog does not exist any more in the new year.

I thank you in advance for your understanding the dynamics of this situation.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

List of Articles for 2017

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Here is the List of Articles to be posted in 2017.

1) 86th Anniversary of the Appearance of Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina February 22, 2017.

2)  Good Friday 2017.

3) Easter 2017.

4) Becoming an Apostle of Divine Mercy.

5) Feast of the Queenship of Mother Mary August 22, 2017.

6)  Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows September 15, 2017.

7) The Shepherds and the 3 Wise Men.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Bethlehem ---- The House of Bread

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

I would like to wish all Readers of my Blog a Blessed, Joyful, Happy, and Holy Christmas 2016 and a Blessed and Holy New Year 2017.

Bethlehem is the House of Bread that gives us vitality to face Life's ups and downs.

Bethlehem is the House of Bread that nourishes us Body and Soul and makes us yearn for the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ who was born in a lowly manger 2000 years ago.

Bethlehem is the House of Bread that was first nourished in Mary's Womb and makes us spiritually invigorated in the climate of the "Holy Eucharist".

Bethlehem is the House of Bread that keeps us going in a secular world that wishes to take the Christ out of Christmas and all facets of Christianity from this joyful and giving season.

Finally, Bethlehem is the House of Bread that is truly, really, and substantially present among us as it was present among the shepherds 2000 years ago.

Note : See You In 2017.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Feast of the Presentation of Mother Mary 21st November 2016

This Feast, apart from its Biblical Content presents lofty and exemplary values and carries on a venerable tradition.

Mother Mary, is called "Temple of the Holy Spirit" an expression that emphasizes the Sacred Character of the Blessed Mother, now the permanent dwelling of the Holy Spirit of God.

The Oriental Liturgy has a most genial expression on this Feast : "The Temple is brought to the Temple".

Mother Mary is truly God's Temple because she is full of grace and because she bore in Her Sacred Womb Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word.

Thus, On this Great Feast Day We exult with great rejoicing in seeing this "Daughter of Sion" consecrated to the Lord. We sing with joy Her very expression : I fully rejoice in the Lord; my soul exults in my God, because He has clothed me with the robe of salvation, exactly as a Bride adorned with Her Jewels.

We look to Mother Mary and imitate her, making of our lives an act of worship of God, and making our worship a commitment of our lives.

Credits and References :

The Presentation
By Father Peter Gatti S.D.B.
Pages 4-5
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
November 1986


Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Red Letter Day

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Today, the 5th of November 2016 is a Red Letter Day for Me in more ways than one. It was on the 5th of November 2013 that I started blogging about the Catholic Faith.
In these past 3 years, I have written and posted articles now and then about Known and Unknown Catholic Books, but specially about Known and Unknown Catholic Feast Days and Solemnities as well as about Known and Unknown Catholic Personalities from the 1200's to the 20th Century.
I thank everyone who has appreciated my Blog in more ways than one specially those who have visited it again and again.
Please visit my Blog as often as you can.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Our Lady of the Golden Heart

Beauraing is a quiet little village in the country of Belgium on the border with France.

It was there that on the evening of November 29, 1932 the Blessed Mother appeared to 3 Brothers -- Albert, Gilbert, and Ferdinanda Voisin and to two sisters Andreina and Gilberta.

It is difficult to attribute a particular message to the apparitions of Beauraing.

It could be said that the messages at Beauraing are a continuation of the messages given at Lourdes and Fatima.

The Blessed Mother, when she appeared in Beauraing showed her golden heart from which radiated rays of light.

She called upon people to come there in pilgrimage so that sinners could be converted.

In 1943, the Bishop of Namur permitted the cult of Our Lady of Beauraing. In 1945, He Blessed a Statue of the Madonna and in 1949 he recognized the supernatural character of the Apparitions.

In 1947, the construction of a Chapel commenced which led to the garden of the apparitions with specific Marian Motifs.

In 1968, a Huge Church was constructed which accommodates 5,000 people preserving the ambience of the place of the apparitions.

Beauraing, in recent years like nearby Banneux was established as one of the most important shrines in  Belgium, a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world.

It has prayerful and sober celebrations allowing pilgrims to reflect deeply and pray fervently.

Credits and References :

The Virgin of the Golden Heart
By Don Mario Morra
Pages 28-29
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
November 2015
Vol- 17, N0-7 


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Feast of Christ the King 20th November 2016

This is an excellent in depth article on the Feast of Christ the King.

Christ is truly Our King in more ways than one even though we treat him shabbily sometimes.

This article is excellent in the sense that it explores the History and Development of Devotion to Christ the King from 1925 onwards.

Here is a snippet of the article.

THE Encyclical of our Holy Father, Pius XI., on the Institution of the Feast of Christ Our King is a fitting crown to the devotion and the vast spiritual awakening which marked the Holy Year, 1925.
In fulfilment of the commission of Our Lord to St. Peter, and aided by the light and grace that are given to every man according to his need, the Vicar of Christ addresses words of timely guidance and help to the Catholic world. We need that guidance today. In their greed for wealth, the senseless hurry of business, and the rush for pleasure men forget, then reject, Divine things. Our superficial education, the shallow science and the sensationalism of the newspapers bewilder men's minds. They cannot think steadily and soundly; they are 'tossed about by every wind of doctrine.' They lose Christ not from rebellion, but from indifference.
Man-made religions and scientific theories come and go like the leaves from spring to winter, and as they pass they leave men more and more confused. Outside the Catholic Church there is no centre of spiritual authority, no institution that can claim to possess that body of truths which was the legacy of Christ to His Apostles, to be guarded by them for men through all time. There is no other infallible teacher.
Man's life must be reasonable, founded on true philosophy. For very many of those who do not recognise the Divine claims of Christ there is a philosophy of life-but it is a destructive philosophy. Its authority is unstable and uncertain, that of a learning which imposes itself on the less learned. It changes as new theories are born, but always leaves greater uncertainty, as it saps the foundations of faith and drives men to religious indifference or to scepticism.
Truth is put farther and farther away. Religion, then, and philosophy for such men come to be no more than a collection of words, of hazy definitions, of vague counsels of morality, with no firm foundation. Consequently, the law of sacrifice and the Christian moral code, so clearly stated in the teaching of Our Lord, are rejected, and men accept gladly those theories of conduct only which demand no moral effort and impose no burden of sacrifice. The God of the new philosophies is not real: He is not personal; He does not command. Christ for them is not the Divine Christ, who knew Himself to be God, who loved men, and lived and taught in Galilee with an authority which He claimed as Divine; who confirmed the Divine law and made laws as His own; whose praise and blame are for eternity; whose Kingdom we must enter by the way which He has appointed, through faith, baptism, sacrifice and good works.
The Pope, then, calls back the world to Christ Our Lord. In Him alone can man find light and peace. Christ is a Divine Fact. He made a demand on the free will of men, and no proof of a claim to authority was so clear as His. Men are free to accept or reject Him, but if they reject Him the loss is theirs-the law is inexorable. As the death of the body is a fact to which men must submit, and all the thought and all the science of men cannot stop its approach, so Christ is a fact. He must reign. He is the touchstone of the world. If men trust Him, He will be their friend; if they resist Him, they must be broken.

Read the whole article here :


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Our Sacramental Life

This is an excellent article on the Blessed Sacrament.

Here is a snippet of the article.

THE sacraments, as we know, are outward signs; and they give the grace which they signify. The Blessed Eucharist is received under the outward form of eating and drinking, and this signifies that the effect produced in our souls is like that produced in our bodies and in our natural life by the food and drink which we take. Through the sacrament of Baptism we received supernatural life.
Confirmation ratified the consecration given to our souls in Baptism, brought us into closer union with God, and called us to higher responsibilities in the supernatural order. Now every living being needs food, and the more active it is the more its energy needs to be restored and maintained by regular and suitable nourishment. This is none the less true of the supernatural life of the soul. We must grow in grace; we must have strength to practise high and difficult virtues; we must be able to resist those evil influences which are within us and all around us; and we must counteract what we may call the ordinary wear and tear to which we are subject-even spiritually-so long as we are on trial in this world.
We may, in a true sense, say that all sanctifying grace which we receive from God is food for our souls, because. by it our souls are strengthened and our supernatural life intensified. But God has given us one particular sacrament which is in a special sense the food of our souls, and the food which we receive in this sacrament is really and truly God Himself. Suppose that we had been allowed to plan for ourselves, and arrange the spiritual helps that were to be given to us to enable us to lead a holy life. Could we ever have dreamt that it would be possible for us to have our souls nourished by the very substance of Jesus Christ Himself' And even if the possibility of such a thing had crossed our minds, could we have dared to hope or expect that God would give us such a gift? Even though His infinite goodness and love were known to us, could we have imagined that God, Who had taken our nature in order to be more closely united with us, would go still further and give Himself to each of us, individually, under the appearance of corporal food?

Read the whole article here :


Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Gift Divine -- All About the Doctrine of the Real Presence

I strongly believe that it is necessary for Catholics living in Metro Cities all across the world to develop an appreciation for the "Doctrine of the Real Presence".

This is the need of the Hour right now.

The Doctrine of the Real Presence is a "Heavenly Gift" in more ways than one.

Only the Catholic Church has the Unique Distinction of possessing it.

This article, is magnificent in more ways than one as it extols the Beauty and Depth of the Doctrine of the Real Presence.

Here is a snippet of the article.

ONE day more than nineteen centuries ago a man was preaching to an attentive group in the Jewish synagogue at Capharnaum, a city situated near the Lake of Genesareth in Palestine. He was Jesus, well known to the people of that region as a prophet who taught sublime doctrines and a lofty code of morality, proclaiming them to be the revelations of God Himself. To support His claim, He performed wondrous deeds which evidently could be accomplished only with the miraculous assistance of the Almighty. Even now, as He was speaking, His listeners recalled that two days previously He had fed a multitude of five thousand persons with five barley loaves and two fishes, and some even knew that afterwards He had walked upon the waters of the storm-tossed sea to meet His disciples struggling in their tiny boat. With these thoughts in mind to persuade them that when a man exercised such extraordinary power it must be that the God of truth was attesting the correctness of His statements, the people listened to an astounding promise from the lips of Him whom Catholics acknowledge as the Son of God made man.
'I am the bread of life; he that cometh to Me shall not hunger, and he that believeth in Me shall never thirst. . . . I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is My flesh, for the life of the world. . . . Amen, amen, I say unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink His blood, you shall not have life in you. He that eateth My flesh and drinketh My blood hath everlasting life, and I will raise him up in the last day. For My flesh is meat indeed and My blood is drink indeed. He that eateth My flesh and drinketh My blood abideth in Me and I in him (John vi. 35-57).

Read the whole article here :


Friday, 21 October 2016

An Apostle of Christ from the Land of the Rising Sun

He is a Martyr even though he was not killed for the faith.

He is a Martyr because despite his wealth and power he chose the path of Poverty, Humiliation, and Complete Obedience to God's Will.

His name is Justo Takayama Ukon.

He was a Feudal Lord who lived in Feudal Japan but who chose the "Rocky Road" over a life of comfort.

Ukon made a conscious choice to follow along the footsteps of the Crucified Jesus Christ.

He showed no hesitation in renouncing his high social status, his nobility, and wealth and comforts in order to maintain an intimate bond with Jesus Christ and be publicly faithful to the Gospel.

Ukon was a Samurai of Jesus Christ, who acted according to his conscience and fought the good battle -- A Non - Violent Battle as an ardent disciple of Jesus Christ.

Credits and References :

Newsbits -- Japan
Pages 31-32
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
March 2015
Vol - 16, N0-11


Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Floating Catholic Church

 A Group of Singaporeans holidaying in Cambodia were delighted when they came across a "Floating Catholic Church".

It was once a Karaoke Lounge, before Jesuit Priests bought it to serve the small number of Catholics in the village.

Jesuit Father Henri Bratasudarma is the Parish Priest of this Fascinating Church.

It has many floating villages and three of them have Catholic Communities. When Father Henri first arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia there were only 20 Catholics attending Mass on Sunday. Gradually, the number of Catholics attending Mass increased.

Father Henri is extremely grateful to the Missionaries of Charity Sisters, as they went around visiting the poor in their habits. Their Presence was like an advertisement of the presence of the Catholic Church in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

After discussing the matter with the local Catholic Bishop, the Jesuit Priests decided to buy over the floating karaoke parlour and turn it into a centre of activities for the Catholic Community.

These include Adoration Sessions before the Holy Eucharist, Masses, Catechism, English and Khmer Lessons for Vietnamese Children and a day in a week when they feed "Rice Soup" to the poor.

Credits and References :

Newsbits -- Cambodia
Page 28
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
June 2007
Volume 9, N0-2


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ

The Devotion to the Holy Wounds and the following promises were revealed by Our Lord to Sister Mary Martha Chambon (1841-1907) of the Monastery of the Visitation of Chambery. The cause for her beatification was introduced in 1937.

Promises of Our Lord for those who practice this Devotion :

1. This Aspiration must often be repeated near the sick : My Jesus Christ, Pardon and Mercy through the merits of your Holy Wounds. This Prayer will bring solace to both soul and body.

2. A Sinner who will say, the following prayer will obtain conversion : Eternal Father, I offer you the wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our souls.

3. At each word, that you pronounce of the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds, I allow a drop of my Blood to fall upon the soul of a sinner.

4. Each Time, that you offer to my Father the merits of my divine wounds, you win an immense fortune.

5. Souls that have contemplated and honoured my Crown of Thorns on earth will be my Crown of Glory in Heaven !!

6. I will grant all that is asked of me, through the invocation of My Holy Wounds. With My Wounds and My Divine Heart, everything can be obtained.

7. Plunge your actions into my wounds, and they will be of value. All your actions, even the least soaked in my Blood will acquire by this alone an infinite merit and will please my Heart.

8. When you have some trouble, something to suffer, quickly place it in my Wounds and the pain will be alleviated.

The Chaplet of the Holy Wounds

On the Large Beads of the Rosary say the following

1. Eternal Father, I offer thee the wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our souls.

On the Small Beads ( Say 10 Times)

2. My Jesus Christ, Pardon and Mercy through the Merits of thy Holy Wounds.

Credits and References :

Pilgrim's Guide to Paradise
By Flavio Raposo
Pages 50 -53
July 1999


Friday, 2 September 2016

Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary October 7 2016

A Healing Prayer

Introduction :

For many people the Rosary is an important aspect in their lives. It is a simple prayer and a soothing prayer.

For those, with a life long devotion to the rosary it will seem strange to know that there are people who find it hard to say. But, such people exist in this world of ours.

Rushing through Life :

This is a Frenetic Age in which we live. Everything is instant -- Fast Food, Jet Aircraft, Fax Machines, Computers, and Smart Phones.

Press a switch and a device comes on, press another button and the Air Conditioner or Heating Device comes on.

Television, Computers, Smart Phones, and CD Players are all at the command of a button.

At work it is rush, rush, everywhere as we dash from Office to the Xerox Machine and back to the Office again.

We are attuned to speeding and find relaxing very difficult.

It is exactly the same when we come to say our Rosary. We must slow down and concentrate if we are to get any meaning out of the various mysteries of the Rosary.

But it is not so easy today, to say the "Family Rosary". seldom are all the members of a modern catholic family together at the same time.

It is quite trying for the children of this age to say the Rosary in a restless and rushing world they are accustomed to.

Healing Power :

Today, Young People seem to be interested in meditation. They could be taught to realize that the Rosary is one of the oldest forms of meditation. The Older Generation, discovered a healing power in the rhythm of the beads slipping through their fingers. The Older Generation had a wisdom which Young Catholics could well study.

In Our Lady's Apparitions to Saint Bernadette, Our Lady asked for the Rosary to be said. So, She must have set a high value on it.

Conclusion and Helpful Suggestions :

Don't start out by saying a whole rosary specially if you are unaccustomed to it. Say 1 or 2 Decades instead.

Try to be relaxed and give yourself most importantly time.

Finally, Practice makes Perfect. We can start with one decade, but eventually we could end up saying all 5 decades.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Intercede for all Young People.

Credits and References :

A Prayer that Heals
By Eithne Murphy
Pages 18-19
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
October 2007
Vol - 9, N0-6

Thursday, 11 August 2016

10 Reasons For Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

1. Your Sacrifice will make the streets safe for God's People :

Those willing to make a sacrifice and keep Jesus Christ company in the middle of the night are the ones who are zealous for his glory in the sanctuary.

They are the ones that will release God's Power and make the streets safe for "His People".

When we unite ourselves with Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, we unite ourselves with all the power on earth and in heaven. When you go before Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament you release his power and his graces upon the whole world.

Those who are willing to make a sacrifice and come to Jesus Christ in the middle of the night have that faith !! They have put their faith in the greatest power on earth.

2. Your Sacrifice thanks Him for all He has done for you :

Through Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross, We have the "Gift" of the Holy Eucharist. Good Friday follows Holy Thursday because the passion and death of Jesus Christ was the "Price" that he paid so that we may have divine, immortal, everlasting life in him in the new and everlasting covenant of the Holy Eucharist.

The Holy Eucharist flows from "Our Lord's Passion". He poured out His very last drop of blood on the Cross so that he may fill you with his "Divine Love" each time that you receive him in Holy Communion.

What a wonderful opportunity we have in thanking him for this great gift !!

Your Sacrifice of spending an Hour with Jesus Christ in the middle of the night is thanking him for all the sufferings that he endured to give us the gift of the "Holy Eucharist".

3. What Sacrifice can be compared to His ??

Jesus Christ gave up his "Sacred Body" on the Cross for love of you that he may give his body to you in the Holy Eucharist, making himself one with you forever in everlasting glory.

Like wheat which is beaten, broken, and crushed before it becomes bread, Jesus Christ was willing to be beaten, broken, and crushed in "His Passion" that he may become for us the "Living Bread come down from Heaven".

He said, "The Bread I will give to you is "My Flesh" for the life of the world".

Jesus Christ continues to immolate Himself in sacrificial love for us in the Holy Eucharist. In the Eucharist, Jesus Christ is the "Immaculate Victim", the "Sacrificial Lamb".

Does the Sacrifice of spending one hour with Him in the middle of the night even begin to compare to the sacrifice that He has made and continues to make for love of us in the Blessed Sacrament ??

4. Your Sacrifice will win Graces for Many :

After the "Last Supper", Jesus Christ went to the garden to pray. As, He began to pray He started to sweat blood because He realized that the "Gift of the Holy Eucharist" that he had just given mankind on "Holy Thursday" night would be appreciated by so few and rejected by so many.

He saw down through the ages; He saw how many would walk away from "His Eucharistic Love" and not even bother to come to Mass on Sunday.

He saw in how many "Tabernacles of the World" He would be left alone and forgotten.

He saw how few would believe in "His Real Presence" and fewer still would respond to "His Appeal" to be loved day and night in the Blessed Sacrament.

He saw how most people would live their lives as if he were not here, God living among his people in the Blessed Sacrament.

Your sacrifices will gain many graces for those who are far from Jesus Christ and bring them back to him in the Blessed Sacrament.

5. Your Sacrifice consoled Jesus Christ in the garden :

When Jesus Christ was in the garden, An Angel from Heaven came to console him. This Angel consoled Jesus Christ, by showing him every "Holy Hour" that you would ever make.

Jesus Christ saw the many sacrifices you would make to get up in the middle of the night each week to keep "Him" company in the Blessed Sacrament for one hour.

These Sacrifices greatly comforted, consoled, strengthened, and encouraged him.

Jesus Christ was pleased that "His Love would be returned with "Our Love" for him in the Blessed Sacrament.

6. Your Sacrifice consoles Jesus Christ now !!

When Jesus Christ was in the garden, Scripture says that "His Heart was filled with sorrow to the point of death. He came to give Himself to Humanity through the Gift of the "Holy Eucharist" yet, so many would reject "His Eucharistic Love".

Rejection broke his heart. "He looked for one who would comfort Him but found none". He called on his apostles to comfort him, but they preferred to sleep because it was in the middle of the night. They slept through Christ's greatest crisis even after he pleaded with them "Could you not watch one hour with me ??"

You are the "Apostles of Jesus Christ" today. Today is another hour of great crisis. Today, Jesus Christ calls out to you in the middle of the night, "Could you not watch one hour with me ??"

He looks to you to comfort Him now !!

7. Be a "Prayer Warrior for Peace" :

Countless Men throughout the ages have made many sacrifices to go to war. How few men are willing to make even a small sacrifice in order to bring about peace.

There has never been a weak army that has ever won a battle against a stronger one. Evil prevails throughout the world today because those who are against God are willing to make more sacrifices than those who are for God.

There is a "Spiritual Warfare" going on today between good and evil. This is the greatest war in the history of humanity because the destiny of the Catholic Church and the world are in the balance.

There is a "Spiritual Red Alert". Who will awake from the complacency of indifference and become a "Soldier for Jesus Christ", a prayer warrior for peace ??

Who will be a "Man of God" and take up the spiritual arms of prayer and sacrifice ??

Who will answer the appeal of Jesus Christ who calls out in the middle of the night ?? Could you not watch One Hour with Me ??

8. Your Sacrifice makes up for the Ingratitude of others !!

Jesus Christ healed ten lepers. Only one came back to give him thanks for the miracle of a clean body.

Jesus Christ said "Were not all ten made whole ?? Where are the other nine ??

Every Sunday, Jesus Christ performs a far greater miracle for us. The "Gift of the Holy Eucharist" makes us immortal with divine life.

Each "Holy Communion" will leave our soul everlastingly more glorious and beautiful in Heaven.

In spite of the fact, that Jesus Christ asks us to give thanks for this "Great Gift" by coming back during the week and visiting him in the Blessed Sacrament, only very few do.

Your Sacrifice will make up for the ingratitude of the "Other Nine" for the many who never think of visiting Him at all.

9. Jesus Christ will call you "Blessed" :

The Holy Eucharist is the continuation of Christ's Incarnation on earth, where the same Jesus Christ born 2000 years ago in Bethlehem is truly present with us now as He was then.

Again, He comes quietly and humbly.

Again, only the humble can see with the eyes of faith the humble "Jesus Christ" hidden in the Blessed Sacrament.

This is the faith that prompts you to come out in the middle of the night to adore him. If He were visible and we could see him with our senses, everyone would run out to welcome Him even in the middle of the night.

But, He remains hidden in the Blessed Sacrament because he is calling us to faith that we may come to him in humility. Your sacrifice is the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh that pleases Him. Your sacrifice is of more value than all the gifts in the world.

Jesus Christ will truly call you "Blessed" in more ways than one.

10. Be Like Saint John the Apostle !!

Only Saint John had the courage to follow Jesus Christ all the way to the Cross. Because of his spirit of sacrifice, he is known as "The Apostle whom Jesus Christ loved".

Be willing to make a sacrifice by keeping Jesus Christ company for 1 Hour each week in the middle of the night and you too, for all eternity will be known in Heaven as "The Apostle" whom Jesus Christ loves.

If the thought of getting up in the middle of the night seems like too much of an inconvenience to you, the secret is to think of Jesus Christ instead of yourself.

Jesus Christ longs with infinite longing  for everyone to come to him in the Blessed Sacrament. Yet, He is rejected today as he was then. Your sacrifice will help bring all humanity to Him where everyone will worship him as the Lord of Lords in the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus Christ longs with infinite longing to make all men one in His "Eucharistic Heart".

At the Last Supper, how privileged Saint John was to come close to Jesus Christ and rest his head on the Heart of Jesus Christ.

You are even more privileged than Saint John in being invited to spend an Hour with Jesus Christ in the middle of the night. Before the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Christ calls you to come close to Him and rest your head on "His Sacred Heart".

His infinite love for you will make this sacrifice a joy, and forever you will be known in "Heaven" like Saint John, as "The Apostle whom Jesus Christ loves".

Credits and References :

The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
Worthy is the Lamb Newsletter
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
Year 1996
Pages 1-9

Friday, 29 July 2016

The Rosary and the Eucharist

The Rosary is a marvellous fresco in 20 pictures, telling the story of salvation.

It is presented for our meditation in this order : Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous.

These are 4 Phases in the Life of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

They teach us that God entered into history, making himself a Man who had a family, who suffered crucifixion for our salvation, who rose from the dead, and who shows us the way to heaven where he has prepared a place for us.

It shows how Mother Mary worked beside Jesus Christ in Life, Death, and Glory as well as in his Public Ministry.

The Rosary is a Prayer. But above all, it is a vivid example to arouse our generosity and draw us to Heaven.

When we come to the Eucharist, we come to Bethlehem for the Eucharist is the continuation of Christ's Incarnation on Earth. This is the theme of the Joyful Mysteries.

When we come to the Eucharist, we come to Calvary for here Jesus Christ makes present again His perfect sacrifice on the Cross and continues to immolate himself for love of us.

The Eucharist is the Fruit of Our Lord's Passion. This is the Theme of the Sorrowful Mysteries.

When we come to the Eucharist, we come to the Resurrection, for this is where Our Risen Saviour dwells !!

He is the Lamb on the throne, who shepherds us. The Eucharist is a foretaste of Heaven and a foreshadowing of the future glory that awaits us, where we will love God with God's very own love.

This is the theme of the Glorious Mysteries.

Finally, When we come to the Eucharist, We come to the Royal Banquet where Jesus Christ gives of himself freely to us Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

This is the Theme of the Luminous Mysteries.

Credits and References :

1) CEM
    Eucharistic Marian Centres Booklet
    The Rosary
    Page 9

2) Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
     By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
     Pages 269-270
     Year 2003


Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Value of Praying the Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament

When we pray the Rosary, in front of the Blessed Sacrament we love Jesus Christ with the Heart of Mary.

When we pray the Rosary in front of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, we offer to Jesus Christ the perfect worship of Mary.

We unite our love for Jesus Christ to the perfect love and praise of Mary.

Jesus Christ receives our "Holy Hour" because no matter how weak our love Mother Mary encloses us in her heart and Jesus Christ accepts our hour with Him as coming directly from the Heart of His very own Mother.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary, repairs and makes up for what is missing in our very own hearts.

The 20 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary are centred around one central mystery of our faith ---- "The Holy Eucharist", where the work of our redemption is accomplished.

The Holy Eucharist continues and makes present all 20 mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Credits and References :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
Page 268
Year 2003

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Take Courage It is I -- Do not be Afraid

The same Jesus Christ, who walked across the water and stretched out his hand to save a drowning Peter reaches out in the Blessed Sacrament to strengthen the weak and comfort the afflicted.

Even if you think, that you are the worst person in the world you are that much more welcome to come to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He often said, that he came not for the well, but for the sick because the well do not need a Physician.

Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is the "DIVINE PHYSICIAN" of our Soul. The farther away you think you are from God the more Jesus Christ wants you to come to him in the Blessed Sacrament.

He said a number of times that he came not for the self- righteous but for sinners.

The Greater Our Need and Desperation, the more clearly we should see Jesus Christ calling us to himself in the Blessed Sacrament. From the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Christ says to us now what he said to Saint Peter a long time ago.

"Take Courage, It is I". Do Not be Afraid.

It is really the Jesus who loves you and who died for you who is truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament. We have nothing whatsoever to fear.

We should not let our sins keep us from coming to Him, because he is full of "Infinite Mercy".

We should not let the fact that we cannot pray well or have a busy schedule keep us from coming to Him because spending Time with Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament is the Best and Greatest Time that we will ever spend on earth.

Credits and References :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Some Interesting Stuff

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Many of you may be aware that I have a solid devotion to the Blessed Sacrament as well as to Our Lady under the title of Help of Christians.

Here are two articles one on a Pope who was a Pope of the Eucharist.

The other article is on a Motto of Mine called "To Jesus Through Mary".

Please read them slowly meditating on the pearls of advice in these 2 articles.

1) Pope Saint Pius X Pope of the Holy Eucharist

Read the whole article here


2)  To Jesus Through Mary

Read the whole article here



Monday, 25 July 2016

A Mother and the Blessed Sacrament

Introduction :

Mrs Mary Vaughan was an English Catholic born in England in the early years of 1800.

They must have had a Chapel at Home.

She found time rather "Made Time" to sit before the Blessed Sacrament and pray for her Family and Dear Ones and for Vocations among children and specially among her children.

She was splendidly blessed. Of her 13 Children, Five Daughters entered the Convent and Six of her Eight Sons became Priests.

Of these, Three became Bishops.

One was the Auxiliary Bishop of Salsford, another was Archbishop of Sydney, Australia, The Third and the eldest Herbert Vaughan was the great Cardinal Archbishop of Westminister -- Builder of Westminister Cathedral and founder of 2 Religious Orders.

Cardinal Vaughan stated that he owed his vocation to the priesthood to his Mother's Prayers before the Holy Eucharist where Jesus Christ is present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

At the young age of 21, he wrote "During the day my mother often prayed before the Blessed Sacrament. Every Morning before breakfast, she was in the Chapel for half an hour or more.

After Breakfast, An Hour in the morning was always spent in meditation before the Holy Eucharist in the Chapel.

I do not remember, ever seeing her looking anywhere except at the Blessed Sacrament or into her Book during these visits.

Even to this day, I am struck with my sweet mother's ardent devotion and immense love for the Blessed Sacrament.

Conclusion : May God Give us such Mothers like Mrs Mary Vaughan who had a solid devotion to the Person of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament where He is really and substantially present.

Credits and References :

A Mother, Lover of the Divine Host
By Father Cajetan Lobo S.D.B.
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
November 1986

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Message of the Rosary Parts 1-3

The Message of the Rosary Part - 1

The Glorious Mysteries :
The Glorious Mysteries give us a preview, so to say, and a foretaste of the glory that awaits us in the life to come, which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and the human heart has not experienced. For this reason they most powerfully stimulate Christian fervour and perseverance. Now, and not only in heaven, must we rise in a spiritual sense with Christ from the death of sin and walk in newness of life; now our thoughts and desires must dwell in heaven and delight in the company of angels and saints; now we must prepare our body for its glorified life by giving unstintingly of our physical strength to the service of God. I
In the light of these mysteries we recognize the important role which bodily pain and hardship plays in the Christian way of the cross and we learn to mortify the body with all its evil inclinations now so that it may live eternally. Not only in heaven but now must Mary be our Queen in whose service we glory and the imitation of whose virtues we make the ambition of our lives. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit these mysteries convey invincible courage, patience, peace and joy. The Holy Spirit has made us His temples and dwells in us now, so that full of the Holy Spirit we shall rise in glory on the day of resurrection.
Read the whole article here


The Message of the Rosary Part-- 2

Many Catholics, especially intelligent and well-meaning friends of the liturgical revival, seem puzzled by the fact that in the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima the rosary played such a prominent part. Is not the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass more important? Holy Mass is the unbloody re-enactment of the Sacrifice of our salvation, the centre of divine worship, the source of grace from which we hope for a renewal of the world in Christ. Why was not more frequent attendance at Holy Mass urged by our blessed Mother? Yet, it is certain that any request or recommendation coming from our blessed Mother cannot but be the best. Mary, as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Saviour and the Mediatrix of all Graces, has no more ardent desire than to lead us to a fuller appreciation of the mysteries of our redemption, to a more abundant participation in their life-giving grace. If she attaches so much importance to the rosary, the reason can only be that the rosary is the most practical means to bring about these happy results. The rosary will lead us to the altar of sacrifice, to Holy Mass and Holy Communion, to a more intimate union with Jesus and a profounder grasp of the spirit of the Church.
Asking for the recitation of the rosary, Our Lady of Fatima asks for an intelligent, understanding recitation, and that calls for reflection on the prayers that compose it, the Sign of the Cross, the Creed, the Our Father and Hail Mary, the Glory be, prayers which are, so to say, a compendium of the doctrines of our holy Faith. Their frequent, thoughtful repetition cannot but fix them more deeply in our minds and help applying them to our lives. To these prayers are added the mysteries which recall the principal events in the life of Jesus and Mary; they are so to say beautiful lamps, white and crimson and gold, illuminating our road to heaven. Meditation on these mysteries is necessary for the proper recitation of the rosary. Our Lady of Fatima requests it particularly for the observance of the five first Saturdays. It is evidently her wish that we become familiar with the contents of these mysteries; learn their beautiful lesson for our own lives and their practical significance for the world at large.
To secure a speedier and more general fulfilment of this wish of our blessed Mother the following reflections have been written. They may be used as instructions or readings, especially on the occasion of the five first Saturdays.
In our days, when an appalling ignorance of religion is widespread even among Catholics, when the spirit of the world surges up and down all the avenues of life, when there is so little understanding of the interior life, such general flight from the cross, such tragic forgetfulness of spiritual ideals and values, the rosary, with its mysteries, acts as an ever-present teacher of religion, as an inspiration and driving power for a life of living faith.
The rosary, far from interfering with the liturgical worship of the Church becomes its best support, inasmuch as it makes us lovers of Christ, and lovers of Christ will be drawn to the altar of His Eucharistic presence, sacrifice and Communion. As always, so it is true in this case: Through Mary to Jesus.
The Joyful Mysteries :
These mysteries introduce us into the wise and loving designs of God, according to which the Saviour of men was to enter this world and to be prepared for His tremendous sacrifice of our salvation during the years of His infancy and hidden life. They hold up before us the ideal of the interior life, the life of prayer and holy desire, of intimate communication with God in our hearts and with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, of complete surrender to the dispensations of Divine Providence, of loving faithfulness in humble and lowly duties, of silent endurance in the many unseen trials of the soul that strives after perfection. Whatever may be the external circumstances of a man's life, even though it may be most active, a life of leadership and grand achievement, the spirit of the joyful mysteries is indispensable for it, if it is to be a holy life leading to God, our last end. Intimate contact with God is the hidden power plant that makes external activity fruitful for eternity.

Read the whole article here


The Message of the Rosary Part --3

Whereas in the Joyful Mysteries the sacred writers record at some length the part which Mary played in them, the same writers are silent about her part in the sorrowful mysteries. All that we learn from them is that the Mother of Jesus stood beneath the cross, and that from the cross Jesus recommended her to St. John as his Mother, and St. John to her as her son. But what we know about Mary and her relation to Jesus is sufficient to supply the rest. Mary shared in the sufferings of her Divine Son as no other human person ever did or could have done, and she did it with sentiments of complete submission to the will of God and love for souls.
The Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary illustrate the sacrificial character of the Christian life. The crosses of life are manifold, but they can all be reduced to the one or other of the sufferings commemorated in these sorrowful mysteries. In particular they are: Fear, anxiety, disgust experienced with regard to the crosses that actually afflict us or that we see approaching: bodily pain, humiliation, the labours and hardships imposed upon us by our vocational duties, bitterness against those whom we consider the cause of our suffering, the urge to throw off the cross when patience gives out.
The general lesson inculcated by these mysteries is patience, the spirit of penance and love of the cross, and that is the object our Lady of Fatima had in view when she asked for meditation on the mysteries of the rosary.

Read the whole article here


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Lourdes -- Where Jesus Christ is the Central Attraction

Introduction :

In the Apparitions at the Grotto, Mother Mary led Saint Bernadette to Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and today intercedes for pilgrims and leads them to Jesus Christ.

At the Grotto in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, a Statue of Mother Mary stands on the right side and the altar for the Holy Eucharist is at the centre, because the Holy Eucharist is the "Centre of Devotion".

The Lourdes Motto is very simple.

"Through Mary to Jesus". Our Blessed Lady asked that a Chapel be built here wherein the "Living Sacrifice of the Mass" be offered up in supplication and atonement.

Devotion to Holy Mass and Frequent Holy Communion are the "Fruits of a Lourdes Pilgrimage".

Every major Marian Shrine is Christ-centred because it is centred around the Holy Eucharist.

Most of the reported miracles that take place at Lourdes, take place not only amidst a bath in those sacred waters but most specially during a Blessing with the Blessed Sacrament.

It is of utmost significance, that there is a Huge Basilica at Lourdes dedicated to Pope Saint Pius -- The Tenth -- The Pope of the Holy Eucharist.

In the Pius The Tenth Basilica the sick, the crippled, and others are daily blessed by the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

The chief form of reparation at Lourdes will always be through the Holy Eucharist. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is infinite reparation for the sins and errors of mankind.

When we come to Mother Mary, she looks upon us with motherly affection and tenderness and directs us to her Son in the Blessed Sacrament who is the Saviour of the World.

Conclusion :

To sum up Lourdes, is a "House of Gold", A Treasure House of grace, a "Tower of Ivory, beaconing the way to sanctity and salvation; a garden in the wilderness ready to enrich our souls and thirsting with the desire of our "Eucharistic Love".

Immaculate Queen of Heaven, Pray for us.

Credits and References :

1) Lourdes
    Page 27
   Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
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2)  Guide to Lourdes
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     By Rev. Father J.A. Shields Pages 34 and 67
     Published by C.J. Fallon Ltd
     Republic of Ireland


Monday, 18 July 2016

Francis Kesy and His 4 Companions 1920-1942

Introduction :

On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland at the beginning of the Second World War.

The Salesian House in Poznan on Wroniecka  Street was occupied and turned into barracks for German Wehrmacht Soldiers.

Polish Catholic Youngsters continued to gather in the woods outside the City as well as in the City's many parks.

In September 1940, Francis Kesy  and 4 of his companions from the Oratory were arrested by the Gestapo and accused of belonging to a secret and illegal organisation.

They were taken to the fearful Fort 7 near Poznan where they were horribly tortured by the Gestapo and interrogated.

Following this, they were taken to various other prisons where they were brutally tortured. Taken back to Poznan, they were processed, accused of high treason and condemned to death.

Conclusion :

They were martyred by Nazi Soldiers at Dresden on August 24, 1942. They constantly prayed the Rosary as well as engaged in Morning and Evening Prayer.

Their Faith never wavered. They were Martyrs till the very end.

Credits and References :

Francis Kesy and His 4 Companions
Page 10
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
March 2016
Vol- 17, N0-11


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mother Mary in the Magisterium of the Church

Introduction :

The First Encyclical expressly devoted to Marian Devotion was written by Pope Leo, the Thirteenth (1878-1903).

He was a Pope who intensely perceived and shared the sufferings of the world and offered from his vast cultural experience, not something simply devotional.

This great Pope taught that the prayer and the affectionate knowledge of the Mother of God should be anything but sentimental.

It was the closest approach to the "Mystery of Christ" that was effected through the humanity of a simple woman who did not pretend to understand everything but 'pondered everything in her heart'.

Encyclicals on the Holy Rosary :

In the first six years of his pontificate, Pope Leo wrote two encyclicals on the Mother of God.

In the years that followed, from 1891 to 1898, he wrote 8 other encyclicals, one each year in which he continued to invite Catholic Christians to pray to the Mother of God and he offered them effective and precise reflections on her irreplaceable role in the History of Salvation.

The main theme however, of every written text dwelt on the validity of  praying the Rosary.

The Rosary is a meditation on the Life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of Mother Mary whose gaze is a gaze of love and of meditative silence.

This encyclical traces the grand lineage of the history of the Holy Rosary beginning from Saint Dominic ( 1170-1221) who was the "one who first introduced the term the "Holy Rosary" and who through his followers propagated this devotion.

It goes on to enumerate the military victories attributed to praying the Holy Rosary and the various others who acknowledged it as the most powerful weapon to overcome every kind of evil.

In the Thirteenth Century, when Saint Dominic prayed the Rosary the enemies and heretics were defeated.

Pope Leo, The Thirteenth in the manner of the celebrated Saint Dominic "warmly exhorts all Catholic Christians to tirelessly fulfil the pious exercise of praying the Holy Rosary either privately or publicly asking that the whole month of October be consecrated and devoted to the heavenly Queen of the Rosary".

Conclusion :

"Mother of God", the title that Pope Leo, the Thirteenth uses more frequently than any other is the oldest and most important dogmatic title of the Madonna and which was defined by the Church at the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. to be believed by all Christians.

It is the foundation of all of Mary's greatness and the beginning of Mariology itself.

It is the most ecumenical of all titles, not only because it was defined by a Council, but also because it is unique and unanimously accepted at least in principle by all Christian Groups.

Pope Leo, the Thirteenth who was not very familiar with ecumenism, shows however that he speaks prophetically even without realising it in the name of God; the Pope launches out with the Mother of God towards that unreachable horizon which is the union of all people of every time and culture who are universally and immensely loved by God.

Credits and References :

Mary in the Magisterium of the Church
By Franco Careglio
Pages 28-30
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
May 2013
Vol- 15, N0-1


Friday, 15 July 2016

Our Lady's Brown Scapular

Tomorrow, July 16 is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Happy Feast to one and all.

Here is an amazing article on the Brown Scapular.


'Prompted by Our constant love for the tender Mother of God, and mindful also of Our own enrolment from boyhood in the Confraternity of this same Scapular, most willingly do We commend so pious an undertaking, and We are certain that upon it will fall an abundance of divine blessings. FOR NOT WITH A LIGHT OR PASSING MATTER ARE WE HERE CONCERNED, BUT WITH THE OBTAINING OF ETERNAL LIFE ITSELF, WHICH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THAT PROMISE OF THE MOST BLESSED VIRGIN, WHICH HAS BEEN HANDED DOWN TO US. We are concerned with that which is of supreme importance to all, and with the manner of achieving it safely.
For the Holy Scapular, which may be called the Habit or Garment of Mary, is a sign and a pledge, of the protection of the Mother of God. But not for this reason, however, may they who wear the Scapular think that they can gain eternal salvation while remaining slothful and negligent of spirit, for the Apostle warns us: 'In fear and trembling shall you work out your salvation.
'Let all of you have a common language and a common armour; the language, the words of the Gospel; the armour, the Scapular of the Virgin of Carmel . . . which enjoys the singular privilege of protection even after death.
-Pope Benedict XV.
'This most extraordinary gift of the Scapular -from the Mother of God to St. Simon Stock . . . brings its great usefulness not only to the Carmelite Family of Mary but also to all the rest of the faithful who wish, affiliated to that Family, to follow Mary with a very special devotion.
-Pope Pius IX.
'The Carmelite Scapular, because of its nobility of origin, its extraordinary spread among Christian peoples for many centuries, the spiritualizing effects produced by it and the outstanding miracles worked in virtue of it, render the Scapular of Carmel commendable to a wondrous degree.
-Pope Leo XIII.
'Let us now make a novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and I shall be ready to die. -Pope Leo XIII during his last illness.
'The Scapular is, in a true sense a habit.' Those who receive it are, by their clothing, associated in a more or less intimate way with the Order of Carmel. Those who wear it profess to belong to Our Lady in the same way as the Knight of the Thirteenth Century, the century of the Scapular Vision, felt that he was ever under the watchful eye of his Lady. He was valiant and sure in battle, and when wearing his Colours,' would rather have died a thousand times than allow them to be tarnished.
-Pope Pius XII.
'It becomes clearer day by day that the way for men to return to God is assured by Mary, that Mary is the basis of our confidence, the guarantee of our security, the foundation of our hope.
-Pope John XXIII.
'Therefore, all Carmelites, whether they live in the cloisters of the First and Second Orders, or are members of the Third Order Regular or Secular, or of the Confraternities, belong to the same Family of our Most Blessed Mother and are attached to it by a special bond of love. May they all see in this Keepsake of the Queen herself, a mirror of humility, and purity; may they read in the very simplicity of the Garment a concise lesson in modesty and simplicity; and above all, may they behold in this same Garment, which they wear day and night, the eloquently expressed symbol, of their prayers for the divine assistance; finally may it be to them a Sign of their Consecration to the most Pure Heart of the Immaculate Virgin, which (consecration) in recent times We have so strongly recommended.
'And certainly this most gentle Mother will not delay to open, as soon as possible, through her intercession with God, the gates of heaven for her children who are expiating their faults in Purgatory- a trust based on that Promise known as the Sabbatine Privilege.
-Pope Pius XII.
Read the whole article here

Holy Week 2018 -- Jesus Christ Faced Terrible Evil

As, We enter Holy Week in 2018 I believe that we should discuss the "Issue Of Betrayal". To Discuss The Issue of Betrayal -- it...