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Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

This is an excellent Catholic Classic in more ways than one. This is a Popular Abridgement of 4 Volumes which exists.

There are several books written on "Our Blessed Mother" - based on Scripture, Her Apparitions, Private Revelations by the Fathers of the Church, the Saints etc but none has been beautifully revealed as that by the Venerable Mary of Agreda titled : "CITY OF GOD".

Few have heard about her and still fewer know about this book :"CITY OF GOD". The Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God.

It is only by a sheer miracle and grace of almighty God, that one comes upon such a fantastic documentation on the masterpiece of God's creation namely "MARY".

The four Volumes each containing some 600 pages touch upon the Conception, the Incarnation, the Transfixion, and the Coronation.

Manifested by the Queen of Heaven herself in the 16th Century to her handmaid, Sister Mary of Jesus, Superioress of the Convent of the Immaculate Conception of the town of Agreda of the Province of Burgos in Spain under obedience to the regular observance of the seraphic father Saint Francis, for new enlightenment of the World for rejoicing of the Catholic Church and encouragement of men, "This Piece of Work has been approved by several Popes and Cardinals.

As soon as the "City of God" appeared in print, it was welcomed and extolled as a most wonderful work. The different translations found no less enthusiastic welcome in nearly all the European Countries.

It secured the immediate approbation and encomium of the ordinaries, the Universities of the learned and Eminent Men of Christendom. There is probably no other book which was so closely scrutinized by those in authority, both civil and religious, and afterwards so signally approved as the "CITY OF GOD".

By Order of Pope Innocent the Eleventh, Pope Alexander the Eighth, Pope Clement the Ninth, Pope Benedict the Thirteenth, and Pope Benedict the 14th, it was repeatedly subjected to the closest scrutiny and declared authentic worthy of devout perusal and free from error.

The Title "Venerabilis" was conferred upon the Author. A Large sized Volume would be required to record the praises and commendations written in favour of the great "CITY OF GOD".

The popularity and excellence of the great history of the Mother of God is also evidenced by its widespread diffusion.

It has appeared in over 60 editions in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Latin, Arabic, Greek, and Polish.

It appears quite providential that the first English translation of this great work should have been reserved for our own times.

The Translator and Promoter of the "CITY OF GOD" Fiscar Marison began his work on the Feast of the Assumption 1902 and completed it on the Feast of the Anunciation, 1912.

Approbations :

1. Imprimatur to the English Version : H.J. Alerding, Bishop of Fort Wayne, August 24, 1912.

2. Edwin V. Byrne D.D. Archbishop of Santa Fe, February 9, 1949.

My Comments: This is an excellent Catholic Classic devoted to the Mother of God.

Credits: From the Extract "Mary Immaculate" God's Gift to Mankind by Mrs Leena Rego
Our Lady's Workers
Kalina, Mumbai, India
Pages 3-6

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Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist


The Blessed Mother is both Eucharistic Lady and Queen of the Holy Rosary. The Angelic Salutation "Hail Mary" that recurs throughout the Rosary that ended up in Mary's acceptance of Jesus Christ physically in her womb bonds the Rosary with the Eucharist.

Linking Earth to Heaven :

As the bearer of both, she draws us closer to the latter through the former. Mary's Rosary is indeed a magnetic chain that pulls us towards the Eucharist -"The Centre of Catholic - Christian Life".

It is obvious that the Rosary is called "The Sacred Chain linking Earth to Heaven".

It has been said of Mother Mary that she conceived Jesus Christ in her heart before she conceived him in her womb. Mary's virginal womb was the first tabernacle that housed Jesus Christ.

Much more than just sheltering the Incarnate Word of God within her, Mary nurtured, loved, and adored him "Who" is her God in her own flesh and blood.

Mary's Life from the Anunciation to the Assumption was a constant contemplation of the Holy Face of Jesus Christ. While she lived the sacrificial aspect of the Holy Eucharist through the sorrowful mysteries of Jesus Christ, she sang the thanksgiving aspect of the Holy Eucharist through her "Magnificat".

The interior disposition of the humble Mother of Jesus Christ, who "Treasured" his every word in her heart and "Pondered" over every mystery associated with him, made her "The Lady of the Eucharist".

Mary's exhortation from the wedding feast in Cana "Do whatever he tells you", corroborates the command of Jesus Christ at the institution of the Holy Eucharist, "Do this in remembrance of me".

Mother Mary was the centre and cementing bond of the Early Christian Apostolic Community where she received her Eucharistic Son in the form of Bread and Wine with unspeakable joy.

Mother Mary moves among us armed with the "Holy Rosary" - Her Spiritual Weapon that defeats evil and wins us to God. As the Mother and Model of the Church, she stands besides every altar reinforcing our faith in "Him" who changes Bread and Wine into his "Body and Blood" as he changed water into wine at Cana.

Mother of Grace :

As the "Mother of Grace", Mary is the mediatrix of all graces. All grace won for us by Christ comes to us through Mother Mary.

Even though Mary is not omnipotent, she dispenses the infinite graces of God through her maternal intercession. If we contemplate the Holy Face of Jesus Christ with Mary our Heavenly Mother through the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, she is sure to draw us closer to Our Eucharistic Lord.

Conclusion :

The Maxim "To Jesus Through Mary" in its practical application goes "Through Rosary to the Eucharist".


The Examiner, Mumbai
November 3, 2007
Vol 158, No 44
"The Queen and the Holy Eucharist"
 By Sister Tisy Jose, UMI
Pages 10-11 

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